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SUGUK Manchester – A Typical SharePoint BI Project

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the SharePoint User Group in Manchester.  Mark Stokes does a great job of organising the group events in this region and always gets a good turnout. 

My session was titled ‘A Typical SharePoint BI Project’, and covers the journey of a project from my experience.  This journey starts with the valid question: Why Microsoft rather than any other toolset? I then walkthrough the Microsoft stack, from SQL Server, Analysis Services through to Excel and the SharePoint BI toolset.

It was sure a challenge to cover this all in one hour, and I did have some issues with my VMs which halted my demos.  However luckily Alex Pearce was at hand to resurrect this for me in time to give a reasonable showing of Excel and PerformancePoint –> thanks Alex!!

You can grab my slides over on SlideShare!

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  1. February 10, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    I contemplate the reason why you labeled
    this particular blog post, “SUGUK Manchester – A Typical SharePoint
    BI Project Mark Macrae: SharePoint/CRM/BI”.
    Regardless I actually adored the post!Regards-Roger

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