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CRM 2011 Email Router–Event Log Error 23379

On a CRM 2011 installation I cam across an issue where the Email Router had ceased to send email and the Event Log was seeing this error each time an email was attempted to be sent from CRM:


The first thing I checked was the build numbers of CRM Server and CRM Email Router (I just looked at the properties of sample DLLs in each respective bin directory). I found these to be different.  The CRM Server was Rollup 4, whereas the Email Router was RTM.

After installing Rollup4 for the Email Router, and rebooting, the router immediately kicked into life and began firing the backlog of email.

In addition to this there had been a change to the Deployment settings and Claims+IFD had been configured.  Although the Email router configuration had the correct URL set and was enabled, I have a hunch that a reboot was required following this change…

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  1. December 16, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Mark, Yes there where some fundemental bugs in the email router upto R4 but most seem to be fixed now

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