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SPEvo Football Tournament Team News

…news just in from the managers, I now have the team selections for the SharePoint Evolutions Football Tournament, to be held in London on Sunday 18th April (4-6pm).:

England (White Shirts)

– M. Macrae (@m_macrae), A. Pearce (@Alex_Pearce), A. Woodward (@Andrew_Woody), C. O’Brien (@chriso_brien), N. Swan (@nickswan), S. Smith (@stevesmithck), N. Hodgkinson (@nellymo), Y. Ranpura


USA (Blue Shirts)

– R. Foster (@lespaulrob), L. Rodgers (@wonderlaura), S. Windhorst (@sharepointsara), B. Lonsdale (@brettlonsdale), C. Wheeler (@cwheeler76), P. Duffy, S. Pike, T. Penhall, I. Raphael (@ilohraphael)


Rest of the World (Black Shirts)

-  D. Pyett (@dpyett), M. Hughes (@mattmoo2), J. Fisk (@draken), M. Iveson, S. Nesbitt, L. Blackwell, G. Clough (@GlynClough), R. Norton, P. Sledz (@psledz)


With WAGS and celebrities such as Mr Bob Fox and Shaun O Callaghan watching from the sides swilling beer, it promises for a very entertaining afternoon.  Hell, even Joel Oleson is rumoured to make an appearance…

The press will be there Matt Groves and Combined Knowledge, so look pretty! 

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