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SUGUK Nottingham – November 19th

The 3rd SUGUK Nottingham event was held at Intelligent Decisioning’s offices, Strelley Hall on the 19th – and was a great success!

The legendary Steve Smith MVP and our recently adopted son from the US, Mike Watson, were the speakers delivering some superb sessions to a very mixed crowd of almost 50.

The night got even more interesting when the SharePoint Cowboy, Mr Eric Shupps breezed in as if it were his home town! “How the…what the…” were my first words and everyone else including Mike were just as bemused, but delighted! Eric was on route back to Dallas after attending and speaking at the SharePoint Conference in Sweden.  We are honoured!

After coffees and chit-chat and my staggered keynote, Steve Smith kicked off the evening with a whirlwind tour of SharePoint 2010, discussing all the fab new services, both from an Administrator and End User perspective.  In one hour everyone got a sense of the sheer size of the new version.

Home cooked pizzas and quiche followed (thanks to the catering staff at Strelley Hall yet again!) and everyone got a chance to catch up and fire questions such as “Eric – what the …!”  Bottles of Stella supplied by the ID Team providing a third option to coffee and squash.

Next up speaking was the SharePoint Mad Scientist.  Boy were going to miss him in Notts when he returns back to the US.  His session was the extremely imaginatively titled “SharePoint Fight Night – Admin vs Dev”.  Mike covered how, in SharePoint 2010 the fight between Admins and Devs is very different to how it was in 2007 – when devs were blocked from deploying code by non-trusting Admins who had very few ways to monitor or guage the quality of the devs work.  The winner of the fight??? Why the Business of course! Showing the audience one reason why SharePoint 2010 will be a wise investment. 

Mikes resources can be found on his blog at  http://www.sharepointmadscientist.com

After thanking the speakers and the audience for yet another memorable night, my parting thoughts were to advise all to check your sources before believing all the masses and masses of hype and blog posts streaming out since the BETA 2 release of SharePint 2010.  Trust guys like our speakers and the experienced members of our audience here tonight (Steve, Mike, Penny Coventry, Eric Shupps, Matt Groves…).  These guys arent rushing to get content out there just for the sake of it, but when they do, you can be sure it is excellent advice based on bags of experience –> See my blog roll.

Off to SharePint next at the Broad Oak, Strelley where ID get the customary first round in.  Superb atmosphere once again – such a great bunch.  The night didnt end there though…a few of us went on to Laziza Indian Restaurant in Nuthall for some curry and late beers, rounding off another excellent SharePoint User Group night 🙂

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