Installing Dynamics CRM 4.0 on 64-Bit Windows Server 2008

Recently, I took on the seemingly simple task of migrating our Dynamics CRM v4 installation from a 32-bit single Win 2003/SQL 2005 box over to a 64-bit Win 2008 box with separate SQL 2008 server.

After backing up the database, customisations and workflow I set about installing CRM 4 on the Windows 2008 server…

Now there are a few pre-requisites to check before starting the install on Windows Server 2008 (for full details, see KB950100)

In order to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 on Windows Server 2008 the following Windows Server 2008 Server roles need to be installed.

  • Static Content role service (Included in the Web Server (IIS) role)
  • Dynamic Content Compression role service (Included in the Web Server (IIS) role)
  • Windows Authentication IIS role service (Included in the Web Server (IIS) role)
  • Compatibility Components role service (Included in the Web Server (IIS) role)
  • Indexing Service (Included in the File Services role)

Fine, but I also noticed this:

Note: During the install of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 you must use Network Service as the Service Account or the installation will fail.

Okay? No detail as to the reason why, nor any recent attempt at fixing this which is not ideal from a security perspective.  Anyhow, I followed these guidelines and the installation was running quite happily until it attempted to start the Asynchronous Service, and after a long pause…BANG

CRM Asynchronous Service Error
CRM Asynchronous Service Error

I tried starting the service manually, but got the same error.  I tried many things including running setup as a domain admin and changing the credentials of the Asynchronous Service to be a local & domain admin, but no joy – setup would simply NOT complete, and I could not start the service manually either.

I also noticed these errors in the error log:

13:10:49|Warning| Check ServiceAccountsValidator : Warning: Verify Domain User account SPN for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ASP.NET Application Pool account.

13:10:49|  Error| Check ServiceAccountCanMonitorPerformanceCountersValidator : Failure: The account specified to run the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous Processing Service does not have performance counter permissions

So the Network Service account I have been told to use, does not have sufficient rights during the setup to set performance counters. 


– When you see the above error dialogue box, click Cancel and terminate setup.

– Goto Programs/Features in Control Panel and REPAIR Dynamics CRM Server. 

– Go through the setup wizard again (this time you are in REPAIR mode) and it will complete with no issues.  

– Check the Asynchronous Service and it will be started and running happily

Repair mode must run certain parts of set up using the credentials you are using to install CRM as opposed to the credentials of the Asynchronous Service (Network Service in our case).

Hope that helps a few people – had me bugged for a whole day!!

Inaugural SUGUK Nottingham

On Thursday 30th April, we had the pleasure of hosting the inaugural SarePoint User Group UK (SUGUK) Nottingham event at our offices in  Strelley Hall.  Around 40 people attended of which approximately 75% were attending their first ever SUGUK event – which is fantastic! 

There were two sessions: Steve Smith MVP did an excellent presentation on SharePoint architecture and database optimisation, and I did my first SUGUK presentation covering PerformancePoint dashboards.  In between, all were treated to home made pizza and quiche and then it was great to catch up with so many of you at the Broad Oak afterwards for SharePint.

Thanks to Steve and Nick for letting us host the event, and we are already planning the next one for end June/early July…

I was delighted with the response and feedback to my PerformancePoint presentation.  Heres the link to my slides, and also a summary document for available resources on PerformancePoint.  I will also screencast my demonstration shortly.

Look out for future presentations heading into more detail on subjects such as security, KPIs, ProClarity, installation/setup.

Any questions you can find me on twitter @m_macrae

Thanks all!!